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Blokhus By Camping is located just inside the city limits of Blokhus. When you have arrived, you can safely leave the car, because it is only 50 m to the forest with its many paths, running routes, MTB route and large nature playground as well as picnic and bonfire areas.
If you prefer the beach, it is a 1 kilometer walk directly through the town.
If you are looking for shopping, cafés or restaurants, then Blokhus can easily be included. Here you will find a large selection of shops, food and delicious dishes.
If you go east approx. 800 m, you will find the Sculpture Park with its many sensual and beautiful sculptures and gardens. A few hundred meters further to the east is the Museum for Papirkunst, a very special museum - the only one of its kind in Denmark.
Our pearl is the Garden in Hune - Anne Just's garden. Here it is like stepping into a magical world far away from the beach and forest.
If you have children, then Fårup Sommerland is an obvious excursion. Here you get to use all your muscles - including your laughing muscles, because it's wonderful in Denmark's funniest forest.

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