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Create interaction and sales

Meet your customers at eye level and present your products personally. You will meet a lot of visitors who love to travel and looking for a new place to go.


Visibility strengthens branding

Danish Travel Show is a magnet for individuals interested in travel and holiday experiences. As an exhibitor, you get a unique opportunity for increased brand exposure, visibility, and attention to your products or services.

Enhance offers and strategy 

Ask questions, gather data, and observe visitors' reactions to your products or services and get direct feedback from potential customers. You'll get valuable insights to fine-tune your marketing strategy and improve your offers.

Danish Travel Show 2023 in numbers 


% of the exhibitors will like to exhibit at Danish Travel Show again (6% have not decided).


% of the exhibitors have been satisfied with the quality of visitors at their stand.


% of the exhibitors have experienced sales at the fair

Connect with a wide range of relevant visitors

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The exhibitors assessment of the fair


Out of 5 

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expecting to book a vacation based on the fair

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expecting to visit the fair again - 9% are undecided

Extra branding for online visitors

With our online exhibitor tool MCH365, exhibitors have a unique opportunity for profiling through our website.

As an exhibitor you're provided with a free profile where you can create abundant content using specific tools tailored for this purpose. Showcase your products, articles, news, case studies, and events.

Be visible to all online visitors of Danish Travel Show throughout the year.

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Digital branding of Danish Travel Show

Danish Travel Show has over 150.000+ online visitors

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Our goal is to create awareness around your brand and your products, as well as differentiate you from your competitors. Through a professionally designed stand and visually appealing materials, we can contribute to ensuring that visitors have a strong memory of your presence after seeing it firsthand at the fair.

Whether it's providing advice and guidance or designing the stand, we are ready to assist you throughout the entire process.

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Attention stand at Danish Travel show
Suggestions for stand solutions with extra exposure
 Creative solution for a stand for exhibitors at Ferie For Alle
Unique stand solution for exhibitors at Danish Travel Show

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