Seværdigheder i Balchik trådte nye turistruter.

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02 February 2024 | Municipality of Balchik

Balchik er repræsenteret ikke kun af sine historiske seværdigheder, men også af det religiøse sted "Teketo" i landsbyen Obrochishte, det etnografiske kompleks "Life, Traditions and Crafts" i landsbyen Sokolovo, naturreservatet "Baltata".

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Municipality of Balchik

Balchik Municipality is a land marked by culture, ethnicities and
the religions of seven civilizations. The city of Balchik is a unique place-
combined and jealously preserved to this day testimonies of
the existence of our ancestors from time immemorial. Monuments of
prehistoric, Thracian, Hellenic, Roman,
the Byzantine, Bulgarian-Slavic and Ottoman civilizations
today they give reason for this blessed territory to be
called "Land of Seven Civilizations".

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