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Horsens, Danmark

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The Prison Museum

On a hilltop in Horsens is the old prison. The last prisoners left the prison in 2006, but in 2012 it opened as a museum.

Today, the museum is one of the world's largest prison museums. We convey the history of the prison through exhibitions, tours, children's activities, Virtual Reality, 3D models and more. The Prison Museum extends over 4,500 m2 with exhibitions where you can experience the stories of the prison and the prisoners.

We are open all year round and hold a range of activities in Danish, English and German for both children and adults.
Our tours are very popular. Learn about the prisoners' escape attempts, drug dealing and everyday life in the prison over the 153 years. The guides have extensive knowledge of both prisoners, staff and the museum's exhibitions, and all have extensive experience in making the tours interesting and relevant for both children and adults. It is possible to come on a tour as an individual or as a larger group. Tours for individuals are on selected days and during school holidays, while group tours can be booked most of the year. The tours can be booked in Danish, English and German.

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