Amok Equipment AS

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Amok Equipment stands as a renowned name in the realm of outdoor gear, notably excelling in crafting hammocks and gear tailored for adventures.

The journey began in 2013 when a duo of Norwegian outdoor enthusiasts pioneered Draumr, an innovative hammock that revolutionized how people engage with hammocking.

Their gear embodies a fusion of contemporary functionality and top-notch quality, inspired by the bountiful outdoor traditions of Nordic landscapes.

Their commitment to excellence has garnered global acclaim, earning them prestigious awards for their enduring and reliable products, enhancing the outdoor experience.

Amok specializes in curating gear intended to accompany you not just through a lifetime of adventures but also for future generations, designed to endure numerous outdoor escapades and become treasured companions for years to come.

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Arne Jakobsen


Arne Jakobsen

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