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16 February 2024 |

We were recently contacted by Dansk Erhverv, who wanted a fun and unique addition to their next event.

We sent their designer our free design file and the next day received this beautiful design of the stock exchange and Dansk Erhverv's colors to be printed on the board. There are no limitations to what we can print, so only imagination sets the boundaries.

After printing, the surface of the board is carefully treated with 2-3 layers of lacquer, plus intermediate sanding to ensure perfect smoothness and playability. Our many years of experience ensure that the game is never too smooth or too rough, so the bags always slide perfectly!

Now Dansk Erhverv is ready to impress at their events. This custom cornhole set is not only an eye-catcher but also a strong branding element for trade shows, corporate events, and much more.

📞 Is your company, association, or just "your backyard" looking for something special? Contact us today to explore the many possibilities. We will guide you through the entire process and offer free, no-obligation design assistance until you are 100% satisfied.

Look forward to experiencing Dansk Erhverv's custom cornhole set at their big event - the perfect addition to engage participants and create a relaxed atmosphere.

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