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The Hero Camper gives you what you need for an adventure. No more. No less. The Hero Camper is not a caravan, so let us not call it that. It is a camper. Maybe a trailer. The industry calls it a teardrop camper, but we don’t get too hung up on that. To us, it is just a Hero Camper – an outdoor product that allows you to turn your back on everyday life and go where you feel you are alive. Where the wind bites your cheeks and a freeze-dried pasta dish on the Trangia tastes like heaven.

The Hero Camper can take you wherever you want to go. When the asphalt ends, the adventure begins. There are no limitations.

Inspired by some of the greatest explorers in our history, we have created different Hero Camper equipment packages.

The brand new Hero Camper Armstrong model is on display at Ferie for Alle 2024 and contains almost everything within modern equipment. Equipment includes: diesel heater, large battery pack and extra bed for the little ones. For more information, prices and other equipment packages, please see

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This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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The company HeroCamper is a Danish outdoor company based in Esbjerg on the west coast of Jutland – a place where the sea and nature have shaped life for centuries. It is a place where people work more than they talk. Where agreements between people are sealed with a handshake and a brief nod, and where the sea fog and the raging of the west wind make very special demands on the outdoor products that have to provide protection for the people who use them.

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