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Highlight 24.01 2022 Regent Collection

Offering all the features you could wish for in a family tent plus unrivalled durability and stability, the Outwell Regent Collection takes campsite life to new heights, year after year. These outstanding poled tents use our exclusive Outtex Airtech techn... Read the entire post

Highlight 24.01 2022 Superior Air Collection

Whether you’re an experienced camper or new to the scene, if you want style, function, innovation, durability and exceptional ventilation then the outstanding Outwell Superior Air Collection of inflatable tents ticks all the boxes.Offering unrivalled perf... Read the entire post

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Camping An ensuite at the campsite? Yes, please!

Discover the joy of taking your own shower and toilet to the campsite with Outwell’s new and hassle-free comfort stationsLove camping, but aren’t so keen on the communal toilet and shower experience? Or maybe you’re thinking of going off-grid and don’t fa... Read the whole case

Camping New soft mummy shaped sleeping bags

Offering a good balance of packed size and sleep comfort, you’ll find a sleeping bag in the Birch range to suit your camping needs. From our benchmark Birch model for summer trips through Birch Lux to the cosy warmth of our Birch Supreme, all three bags c... Read the whole case