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21 - 23 February 2020 

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We would like to thank the 61,319visitors and 1,100 exhibitors for an amazing weekend at the Danish Travel Show. It has been a weekend filled with dreams, dance and many other experiences.
We hope to see all of you again next year 21-23 February 2020!


Partner of 2019 was The Caribbean

The Caribbean’s green landscape, different cultures and wonderful palm beaches frames the perfect dream vacation on the paradisiacal islands.

The vivid nature and the turquoise blue water is waiting to be explored. Besides the fascinating nature, The Caribbean also offers many different cultures. Due to the European colony history and both Indian and African descendants you can get great cultural experiences and the islands are full of history. The Caribbean’s heat are spreading through the body, when the salsa music plays and enjoyment of life is number one on the bucket list for the vacation. Lean back and enjoy the tropical drinks, experience many enchanting waterfalls and explore the colorful underwater life. The trip goes to The Caribbean, are you ready?

Recommended by international tourist offices

"Danish Travel Show is one of the main reasons for the opening of a new route to Havana, Cuba from Billund Airport. When we first joined Danish Travel Show we quickly realized the potential for such a route."

Hernán Donoso Cruz, advisor in communication and marketing - Embassy of Cuba, Ministry of Tourism

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